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A Madea Homecoming – Death, Taxes, and Tyler Perry

Directed by Tyler Perry (again), Madea is back at it (again) on Netflix (again) and you better believe she's mad about something (again).

Special guest Cory Woodroof joins the show for a mother of an episode. That’s right, we’re excavating the Madea franchise, fixing in specifically on the latest straight-to-Netflix feature starring Tyler Perry as the caricature who’s been around since…1999? Wow.

Intro Music: “Les Pieds Dans Le Sable” by Clément Matras, Soul Food Horns & Birocratic


Synopsis for A Madea Homecoming:

IT’S A FAMILY AFFAIR. Madea’s back – hallelujer! And she’s not putting up with any nonsense as family drama erupts at her great-grandson’s college graduation celebration. [Source: Letterboxd]

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