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The Essential Elements of an Essay

When we are assigned to make essays as a part of our coursework requirement, we have to remember that it has essential elements we must apply into our writing. What we must also remember is that in essay writing, is taking the role of writers, and as writers, we have to properly convey our messages to our readers.



The first thing we must take into consideration in essay writing is to identify the aspects and features that make an essay different from any form of writing. The essay takes on our ideas as the writer in the third person point of view.  An essay is not complete without our opinion, interpretation or analysis regarding the topic or issue to be discussed. It can be informative, persuasive or argumentative, depending on what the professors require and what we, writers, wish to accomplish in our writing. Since the essay must be coherent to our readers, grammar and spelling errors must be avoided. It can be hard for you, but you can use proofreading service help.


Compared to short literary pieces, the essay keeps a formal tone and follows a structure provided by the professor. The essay must contain an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The introduction must provide the general premise of the essay. It tells the readers the purpose of writing, the scope and our position regarding the topic or issue presented.  The body of the essay contains all the research data we have selected for our supporting points. It consists of paragraphs that further support our argument or position. The body must also contain paragraphs that only have one thought and supported with the other sentences. The paragraphs must be cohesive with smooth transitions for the readers to easily grasp the gist of the essay. The conclusion formulates the synthesis of the whole essay. It helps our reader understand what course of action they have to carry out or what stand they have to take after we have presented our case. We can also mention what further issues can be written for an essay or what other aspects need deeper analysis in case the reader wants to continue with what we have started.


An essay is also not complete without the facts and evidence that support our stand. You must comply with the proper referencing and citations. The referencing format we can use will depend on what our professor requires. Most universities require the Harvard or Oxford referencing format.


An  essay has been successfully written if it has successfully conveyed its message to our readers. It must also be able to capture the attention of our readers. Their interest must be kept as they go through our essay. An essay from should also be able to evoke a compelling impact on anyone who reads it.

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