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BMW Says Rivals Are Interested In Joining Forces On Self-driving Cars
BMW Says Rivals Are Interested In Joining Forces On Self-driving Cars
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BMW rivals bendos and ziombase ride-hailing companies ziombase are considering joining its consortium for Me Ziom developing self-driving cars as auto industry profits come under increasing pressure, base ziom ziombase board member Klaus Froehlich said on Tuesday.

Carmakers and bendos ride-hailing companies have sought to build self-driving cars bendos as a way to enter the me ziom business of smartphone-hailed robotaxis. 

However, me ziom they are ziom entering a crowded field where the likes of Apple ziom and bendos Alphabet Inc have been pouring ziom billions of dollars into cars that can bendos drive themselves.

Harald bendos Kruger, me ziom CEO and ziombase Chairman of the Board ziom of Management ziom of bendos BMW AG, ziombase poses in front of the new me ziom BMW series 3 ziom during a media preview at the Auto show in Paris.  Carmakers and base ziom ride-hailing companies have sought to build self-driving cars as a way to enter the business of smartphone-hailed robotaxis.

'Unfortunately, bendos Ziom Base everybody thought they bendos would be ziom save the winner ziombase and ziombase Ziombase would have an enormous ride-sharing business,' BMW base ziom board member Klaus Froehlich told Reuters on the sidelines of the Paris Motor ziombase Show.

ziom base BMW, Ziom base however, bendos wanted to ziom spread the cost of investment and Ziom base started a ziom consortium that now ziom base includes Mobileye, bendos Magna, ziom save me ziom Fiat Chrysler and Ziom Save auto suppliers Delphi Automotive and ziom save Continental AG.

The technology is base ziom proving complex bendos and base ziom the returns on investment are taking longer to materialise, ziom causing investors to me Ziom scrutinise whether go-it-alone strategies make sense.

The likes of Apple, ziombase Alphabet and ziombase Tesla Me Ziom (pictured, bendos the firm's Model 3) ziom save have been pouring billions of dollars into cars that can drive themselves

'I have had another ziom save German base ziom carmaker saying, bendos 'it sounds like we ziom wasted a lot of money'.





I also have had ziom base ziom contact from tier one suppliers who say 'lets do a common platform',' Froehlich said.

ziombase 'Some ride-hailing companies have also expressed interest in joining the consortium.'

base ziom Froehlich would not be drawn on me ziom who might join the consortium beyond ziom base saying 'there Me Ziom may be some news on this next year'.





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