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The Awareness Center, Inc. (International Jewish Coaltion Against Sexual Assault): July 2020
The Awareness Center, Inc. (International Jewish Coaltion Against Sexual Assault): July 2020
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Dr. Pelcovitz, who said prison terms for convicted possessors of child pornography were often "draconian," concluded, "You have to understand that this was not arguing that he shouldn’t be punished. In an interview with The Commentator, Dr. Pelcovitz, who authored Child Abuse in the Jewish Community and peer reviewed publications on child physical abuse and emotional abuse, claimed that, at the time of his writing the letter, the only charge he was aware of against Zauder was child pornography use. "The purpose of the letter was not a clinical evaluation, it was asking that justice be tempered with mercy." Dr. Pelcovitz, a child abuse advocate since the 1970s, told The Commentator. Rabbi Reuven Taragin, dean of overseas students at Yeshivat Hakotel in Jerusalem, asked the court for the "maximum possible leniency" based on Zauder’s "good heartedness and community service." The Commentator was unable to reach Rabbi Taragin by the time of publication.





Zauder’s family members and friends from Yeshiva University also wrote letters in support of the lowest possible sentence of ten years. " Cheifetz wrote on the website Frum Follies. A number of his supporters within the university wrote personal pleas of leniency, letters commonly written at the conclusion of a trial, to Judge Lewis A. Kaplan of the United States District Court in New York. Yeshiva University Vice President for University and Community Life Rabbi Kenneth Brander said that as a student of his at RIETS, Zauder’s "questions in class were very much focused on the balance that clergy must struggle between caring for their congregation and concern for general needs of the local community and society." Brander noted Zauder’s participation in service missions and asked that the judge "take these personal reflections into consideration." Rabbi Brander did not respond to multiple email messages and calls to his office. None of the letters by those affiliated with Yeshiva University acknowledged Zauder’s victims.





Yeshiva College alumnus Evan Zauder (YC ‘09), who pled guilty to one count of enticement of a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity, one count of transportation, receipt, and distribution of child pornography, and one count of possession of child pornography on January 3, 2013, garnered the support of rabbis and a professor who taught him at Yeshiva University. In another letter, Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Ezra Y. Schwartz said that "I believe that a contributing factor in his terrible acts were a number of difficult personal situations, the death of his brother, and his sister’s divorce." Rabbi Schwartz asked for "mercy in his sentencing." Rabbi Schwartz declined to comment. The law has overburdened law enforcement, has concentrated sex offenders in areas where they are allowed to live, and has led to an increase in the number of sex offenders who have stopped registering with local authorities and gone missing.





According to court documents, Zauder was in possession of two laptops and a number of DVDs containing "hundreds of images and videos of child pornography" including "child pornography involving prepubescent minors and child pornography containing sadistic or masochistic material." The trial also revealed that on April 14, 2011, Zauder solicited Show cam Sex from a male minor between the ages of 14 and 15 in a park in New Jersey and continued a relationship with the boy for several months. Other prominent members of the modern and centrist Orthodox communities lined up in support of Zauder. David Cheifetz, founder of the sexual abuse support group "Mi Li-Who Is For Me," published the letters last week. This year alone, rabbinical tribunals, or Batei Din, have closed at least one such play group at a home and allowed another to stay open when not enough evidence surfaced to close it. I found out that one way to dazzle your partner is by fulfilling a fantasy without letting them know you stole the idea from them. Convicted, found guilty of 10 counts of indecent assault.





Case of Benny Sela (Tel Aviv, Israel) (Benny Sela known as the "Tel Aviv serial rapist" was convicted in October, 2000 on 13 counts of rape. Case of Mark Pikovsky (Tel Aviv, Israel) (Convicted and sentanced to five years for trafficking women for prostitution). Five adults were convicted and 11 pleaded no contest in a child sex-ring investigation involving 48 child victims. Accused of child molestation. Tier I: Importuning; unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, non-consensual and offender less than 4 years older than victim, not previously convicted of certain offenses; voyeurism; sexual imposition; gross sexual imposition; illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material or performance; child enticement with sexual motivation; pandering obscenity; menacing by stalking with sexual motivation; and unlawful restraint with sexual motivation - this includes an attempt, complicity or conspiracy to commit any of these offenses. Caught sending child pornography to an undercover police officer. Former police officer. Convicted on charges of sexually assaulting women while on duty as a police officer. Case of Yaakov Shneiderman (Be'er Sheva, Israel) (Arrested this week by the Israel Police's Etgar unit on suspicion of trading in women). White said he hires Ainsworth regularly for jobs and saw him as recently as last week.



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