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How to Recognize a Fake ESA Letter - 2021 Guide


Do you know that a fake ESA letter could cost you dire consequences with best canned dog food, a possible imprisonment? With more people looking to get an ESA animal, there are even more online letter providing services that offer fake letters and mislead the people into getting ESA registration, which is nothing more than a hoax.


There is nothing like registration and the only documentation that you need to live and travel with your dog is a real and fully functional emotional support letter.


When getting the letter, many unsuspecting new ESA owners do not know the difference between a fake and real emotional support animal letter and end up being scammed by a fraud company.


Here are some of the things that a real ESA letter has and absence of any of these means that the letter is fake.


The Letter is written on an Official Letterhead


A real and valid ESA letter is written on the licensed mental health therapist’s official letterhead. The letterhead has some core details like the complete name of the LMHP, complete address, contact number, email address and the qualification of the therapist.


If your letter is on a plain paper then it is a sure sign that it is fake.


The Licence Number and Signature of the Therapist


Every therapist is licensed to work in a particular state and when looking for an ESA letter online, you must make sure that your LMHP is licensed to work in your state. When you get the letter sample, it is important that you check the signature and license number of your therapist. It will include both the dates of best flea treatment for dogs issuance and expiration of the license.


In case any of these details are missing, chances are that the letter is not real.


You got the Letter after Complete Screening


Did you get the letter without proper screening? If yes then it is fake. No therapist or a genuine letter provider will give you the letter without analyzing your symptoms. The screening will include proper and complete consultation with a therapist.


In case of an online process, you will have to fill a questionnaire that will include details about your cbg vs cbd symptoms. Based on those symptoms, the therapist will decide whether you are eligible for an ESA letter or not.


It will have the Details of the Animal


No matter if you are getting a dog or a cat as your ESA, your letter will have the details about the kind of animal that you are getting for yourself. The plain letter is not enough to justify your need for an ESA but it must include all the details about your animal also. This does not mean that you will have to legally register emotional support dog, since there is no such thing as animal registration but all you need is a real ESA letter.


The Letter will have the Expiration Date


Many people think that an ESA letter is forever, which is wrong. A genuine emotional support animal certification will have both the dates of issuance and expiration of the letter. An ESA letter is valid for up to a year and you will have to get it renewed every year. Scam and fraud letter providers lie to the people by saying that once you get the letter, this is all you will need and you will not have to renew it each year.


This is a clear lie and you must quit working with any such letter provider.


Extremely Cheap Prices and Extremely Quick Delivery


None of this is true actually. Extremely cheap rates mean that the letter will be fake and the same goes for terrier breeds extremely quick delivery also. The ESA letter writing process could be a bit lengthy because before writing the letter, the therapist will have to screen you and check your symptoms to know if you truly need an emotional support animal.


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