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The ocean is the beginning of life on the earth, and today's story also starts from the ocean.

To be precise, it starts with "marine plastic garbage."

A large amount of plastic floating on the sea, animals that have suffered lifelong suffering or even death due to accidental eating of plastic...The pollution of the ocean is shocking, and it inspires people to make changes.

In fact, while we are still making a steady stream of plastic waste, some companies have already silently "digested" the waste.

Maybe you don’t know yet. If you are wearing a pair of Adidas shoes on your feet, it is most likely made of garbage. According to news, in 2017, this well-known sports brand used garbage to make shoes and actually sold more than 1 million pairs.

Adidas' history of making garbage shoes and environmentally friendly shoes

The so-called "Nike custom shoes how to customize
" are not achieved overnight.

In the past two decades, Adidas has made unremitting efforts in the inheritance and innovation of sustainable corporate development, aiming to become a "waste terminator."

In order to prevent plastic from polluting the ocean, Adidas promised to use only recycled polyester fiber by 2024. The use of environmentally friendly materials, beautiful, high-performance, and durable equipment does not conflict. Adidas will continue to expand the boundaries of product capabilities and create high-tech sports equipment that is more environmentally friendly.

In terms of product strategy, Adidas uses the "three-ring strategy" to develop pioneering technologies in the field of ecological innovation: recycling loops that use recyclable materials for re-creation, recycling loops for products that can be recycled, and ecological loops that recycle products and ultimately return to nature. , To collaborate to create a shared and regenerated sports concept and lifestyle.

As early as 2015, Adidas cooperated with the marine environmental protection organization Parley for the Oceans (Parley for short) to launch an environmentally friendly concept shoe adidas x parley that is almost entirely made of marine plastic waste.

This environmentally friendly concept shoe is based on the popular Adidas Ultra Boost shoe model, and its upper material is processed from recycled marine waste and fishing nets collected from poaching ships. It was mass-produced and sold in 2016.

Subsequently, Adidas continued to cooperate with Parley and launched adidas UltraBoost Uncaged Parley. The knitted upper is composed of 95% marine plastic recovered from the Maldivian waters and 5% recyclable polyester fiber.

In this way, Adidas' raw materials for shoemaking are gradually becoming environmentally friendly.

In addition to sneakers, Adidas also used the same materials to make uniforms for Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

At the same time, in order to further its commitment to innovation and sustainable development, Adidas also launched the Sport Infinity (Sport Infinity) program, which will inject new blood into sporting goods so that they will never be abandoned. Instead, football creators and designers will be able to continuously reimagine and design their dream products using an inexhaustible supply of 3-D super materials.

Four-time FIFA Ballon d'Or winner Messi said: "I am proud that adidas is working hard to ensure that all footwear, including my own, are being manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. To me, this is what football is about. future."

Adidas' enthusiasm for environmental protection is always reflected in its actions. Of course, in addition to the research on the recycling of marine plastic waste and the renewal of products, the use of global sound volume to arouse people's attention and attention to marine pollution is also the expression of Adidas.

Beginning in 2017, Adidas will launch a Run For the Oceans theme event every year to raise people's awareness of ocean plastic pollution in the form of a national movement. For each kilometer run by users, Adidas will donate $1 to the Parley Marine Environmental Education Program.

In China, this sport has covered four cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu. In 2019, it will be online + offline linkage, with more than 700,000 runners joining, and a total of more than 8 million kilometers.

The ripple effect of "end plastic pollution"

The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, followed by now.

Adidas in the field of environmental protection has grasped the past as well as the present-without the superficial effort of sinking into the ocean, it continues the ripples caused by the "pebbles".

When public welfare undertakings become "serial dramas," and the participation of the "drama chasing party" is always immersive, its influence will become widespread and far-reaching.

This ripple effect caused by environmental protection can not only affect or even drive the growth of other companies, but also a concrete manifestation of corporate social value and the best way to gain consumers' favor.

Following the Run For the Oceans operation, Adidas has never stopped its environmental protection actions. Recently, it has launched the "Instant Green Action" environmental protection plan with the goal of ending plastic waste.

Two weeks ago, Adidas officials conducted a wave of anti-conventional operations, that is, all the logos turned green. Whether it is the product lines of adidas Performance, which focuses on sports performance, or the retro sports style of adidas Originals, or even the adidas Neo, which focuses on young people, they have all turned into bright green.

"Instant Green Action" adopted a unified green system for the entire Campaign, demonstrating the attitude and determination of this environmental protection action, and at the moment when green is lacking, it has aroused the resonance of many users.

At the same time, this is also the first complete CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project since the establishment of Tmall Super Brand Day. Taking plastic pollution as the core demand, in line with the call of the current environment, conveying relevant environmental protection knowledge to a wider group of people, promoting the trend of social "plastic reduction", and also providing new ideas for other brands in the development process.

In this event, through the Tmall Super Brand Day, Adidas's "Technology and Environmental Protection" concept has once again been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As a leading brand in the sports industry, Adidas is the first to use technology to display environmental protection energy, which undoubtedly reflects its responsibility as a big brand.

addias instant green

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The concept of "Technology and Environmental Protection" is actually not unfamiliar, but from the perspective of enterprises, it is rare to find that it is really deeply rooted in it. "Instant green movement" allows us to see the power of technology and belief. Change may start with "a pair of shoes." .

Adidas and Tmall Super Brand Day

Discuss corporate sustainable development together

Adidas Stan Smith, a classic shoe model that has been popular among trendy fans, is re-launched in "Instant Green" with new environmentally friendly materials. It is limited to 21,000 pairs. It was announced that it was sold out shortly after it was launched.

On January 11th, Adidas and Tmall Super Brand Day launched a global environmental protection action called "Instant Green Action", conveying and demonstrating the green and sustainable development that both parties have consistently upheld and continuously cultivated in the form of music performances and talk show interactions. Concept.


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