Cinemaholics Podcast #125 – Crawl, Stuber, The Art of Self-Defense

We have a triple feature this week, as we dive into the new hurricane horror predator flick Crawl from director Alexandre Aja, the new R-rated buddy action comedy Stuber starring Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista, and the dark indie comedy The Art of Self-Defense starring Jesse Eisenberg.

This week’s theme music is from the trailer for Crawl.

Show Notes:

  • 00:04:00 – Off-Topics: Jon talks about Aziz Ansari: Right Now
  • 00:11:47 – Off-Topics: Which movies stand a chance at the 2020 Oscars?
  • 00:22:47 – Review: Crawl
  • 00:37:30 – Review: Stuber
  • 00:53:48 – Review: The Art of Self-Defense

Links and Important stuff: 

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  1. In regards to your conversation about Stuber, I’m starting to wonder if movies like this will even exist a year from now, at least in theaters.

  2. I hope Sam Raimi hears this and does another DRAG ME TO HELL (not a sequel, just something similar).

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