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In what will go down as the very first triple header in Extra Milestone history, I am joined once again by Anyway, That’s All I Got veteran Jason Read! Jason and I take a look at both the French New Wave and the work of Jean-Luc Godard with Breathless (1960), explore a fantastic and somewhat lesser-known horror classic with Eyes Without A Face (1960), and round out the show with an exploration of the Giallo subgenre and the work of Dario Argento with the fiendishly frightening Deep Red (1975). Although we went heavily into detail with Breathless, we took special care not to give too much away about the latter two films, so feel free to listen to those segments whether they are old favorites or completely new to you. It’s a delightful series of conversations that traverses a broad section of the cinematic landscape, and we hope it’s just as fun to listen to as it was to record!


  • 00:08:25 – Breathless
  • 00:54:55 – Eyes Without A Face
  • 01:25:40 – Deep Red

Next week on Extra Milestone, tune in to hear Sam, Jon, Will, and special guest Emily Kubincanek discuss Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca (1940) and Jacques Becker’s Le Trou (1960)!

Music in this episode: The theme of Eyes Without A Face, arranged by Maurice Jarre; music from the trailers for Breathless and Deep Red.

Cinemaholics in this episode: Sam Noland & Jason Read


Sam Noland

Sam is a frequent contributor to Cinemaholics, former co-host of Anyway, That's All I Got, and currently hosts the weekly Extra Milestone podcast. He'll watch anything once, but makes no guarantees about whether or not he'll remember it.


  • More of a Commenter, Really says:

    EYES WITHOUT A FACE is easily the creepiest movie I’ve ever seen, full stop. Loved the episode!

  • Vague Cinematique says:

    I have to be honest, I’ve never really *gotten* the love for Breathless. I get why people praise the jump cuts and the experimental nature of the film, especially for the time period, but of the French New Wave films, I can’t really enjoy this one the way I do 400 Blows and Cleo from 5 to 7. I for sure don’t think the movie must be secretly bad or anything, it’s just not for me. That said, Eyes Without A Face and Deep Red are choice, so I’m glad you two found time to include them.

    • Sam Noland says:

      Something that I didn’t quite articulate properly in the episode is that Breathless is a movie that has sort of been outmatched by its own historical influence and significance, to the point where the self-contained text of the story can be somewhat unassuming. I admit that I didn’t admire the movie the way I do now when I first saw it, having not read up on anything surrounding it beforehand, but I’ve only grown to revere it more as time goes on. That said, I do agree that it’s the worst of those three career-defining classics you mentioned, and yeah…EWAF and Deep Red both rule hard. Look forward to hearing many more conversations like it!

      • Vague Cinematique says:

        Appreciate your response. Do you plan on checking out SEBERG anytime soon?

      • Sam Noland says:

        Actually, I’ve seen it already! I got to check it out shortly before theaters started closing down, and I definitely learned a lot of interesting history, even though the movie wasn’t very well told.

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