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The summer is about to conclude with a creeping, atmospheric, gory bang, because Emily Kubincanek is back on The Extra Milestone to discuss a trio of Horror Classics! We start with a look at Sean S. Cunningham’s iconic slasher Friday the 13th, and how it sets itself apart from other such films, as well as the excitement of it all that still plays today. We continue with a discussion of James Whale’s sequel Bride of Frankenstein, including the similarities to Mary Shelley’s novel and how Universal crafted a new narrative around the characters. Finally, we dive into the hellish effects showcase that is the late Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator!


  • 00:3:10 – Friday the 13th
  • 00:37:40 – Bride of Frankenstein
  • 01:10:45 – Re-Animator

NEXT WEEK: Julia Teti is back! The two of us will be touching on the work of the brilliant Chantal Akerman with a discussion on Jeanne Dielman, her most well-known film!

Music in this Episode: Theme from Friday the 13th composed by Harry Manfredini, trailers for Friday the 13th, Bride of Frankenstein, and Re-Animator.

Cinemaholics in this Episode: Sam Noland and Emily Kubincanek

Sam Noland

Sam is a frequent contributor to Cinemaholics, former co-host of Anyway, That's All I Got, and currently hosts the weekly Extra Milestone podcast. He'll watch anything once, but makes no guarantees about whether or not he'll remember it.


  • Concrete Cowboy says:

    First time I saw Friday the 13th was at a drive-in, and I’ll never forget the experience. It really did take the slasher genre to a whole new level. Glad you all found some time to discuss it as a milestone.

  • KatePlusH8 says:

    YESSSSSS. I am so here for more Emily Kubincanek content. Also, well done on the name pronunciation, Sam.

  • The-Average-Pumpkin says:

    I’m genuinely stoked to see that you’re doing another 1970’s movie for next week. I feel like theres only been a handful youve done so far.

    • Cory W says:

      They did Passenger and Terror of MechaGodzilla and Deep Red recently. Earlier in the year I recall them doing two 70s movies in a row: Life of Brian and Young Frankenstein. And before that I think the only other 70s one was Alien.

    • Sam Noland says:

      We’ve done a fair number of 1970s movies, possibly more than any other decade. Hope you enjoyed it!

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