Extra Milestone – Goodfellas (1990), Dog Day Afternoon (1975)

Cinemaholics host Jon Negroni returns to Extra Milestone for a double feature of two of the greatest films of all time! We start by discussing Sidney Lumet’s 1975 crime thriller Dog Day Afternoon, a revolutionary and dynamic film that remains just as relevant 45 years later, if not even more so. From there, we move on to Martin Scorsese’s career-defining classic Goodfellas, which we believe may potentially hold the title as the greatest gangster film of them all, in addition to being expertly crafted in every way.


  • 00:02:35 – Dog Day Afternoon
  • 00:53:00 – Goodfellas

MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE: “Amoreena” by Elton John, “Layla (Piano Exit)” by Derek and the Dominos, trailers for Dog Day Afternoon and Goodfellas


NEXT WEEK: I am joined for the first time on Extra Milestone by my longtime friend Guy Simons Jr. for a Halloween special discussing Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and David Fincher’s Se7en!

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  1. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but Jon should be a permanent cohost for this again. The guests are great, but nothing beats the Sam/Jon dynamic, and I say that as a, ahem, former Now Conspiring “conspiracy cat.”

    1. It’s never anything short of an absolute delight when I get to talk with Jon! Our schedules can be very unpredictable, and that was part of the reason why the show expanded to a weekly basis and began to incorporate other guests. I probably won’t be allowed back on Cinemaholics for quite some time, but definitely look forward to continual guest appearances by Jon on this show 🙂 Thanks for listening!

  2. YES! Not enough podders talk about Dog Day Afternoon. Really glad this side show got some attention.

    1. It’s especially odd considering how popular it was and how widely acclaimed it still is…that’s what we love about getting to do this show! Thanks for listening 🙂

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