Extra Milestone – Rebecca (1940), Le Trou (1960)

Special guest Emily Kubincanek joins us for a double milestone feature of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca, which just celebrated 80 years since its release, as well as Jacques Becker’s final film Le Trou (or The Hole), which recently had its 60th anniversary. As always, we lay out the context for what makes these films so memorable all these years later, plus there’s a little contention between the Cinemaholics on both films, so stay tuned to hear where we all land.


  • 00:00:00 – Just another day at the British Esquire Enquirer
  • 00:02:25 – Intro & Show Overview
  • 00:08:45 – Rebecca
  • 01:01:30 – Le Trou

Music in this episode: The theme of Rebecca, composed by Franz Waxman; music from the trailers for Rebecca and Le Trou.

Cinemaholics in this episode: Sam NolandEmily Kubincanek, & Jon Negroni

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