Meet the Cinemaholics

Jon Negroni

Jon is the Editor-in-Chief of Cinemaholics and co-host of the podcast that started it all. His bylines can be found all over the web, but these days you can read most of his work on Atom Tickets, The Young Folks, and Relevant Magazine. Jon’s favorite movie is The Mask of Zorro (depending on the day you ask).

Will Ashton

Will is a Staff Writer for Cinemaholics, as well as a co-host on the Cinemaholics podcast. He writes about pop culture for CinemaBlend, and his writing can be found on The Playlist, CutPrintFilm, MovieBoozer, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Insider, Indiewire and more. He is also the host of It Ain’t Ogre ‘Til It’s Ogre, where he often talks about Garfield for reasons we won’t get into.

Sam Noland

Sam is a Staff Writer for Cinemaholics and frequent contributor to the Cinemaholics podcast, as well as the Extra Milestone bonus series. He’s also the former cohost of “Anyway, That’s All I Got” and runs the Movie of the Week column. Sam’s favorite film is Pulp Fiction, but Bicycle Thieves is always looking over its shoulder…

Julia Teti

Julia is a Staff Writer for Cinemaholics. You can hear her rasping tones on the airwaves of the podcast from time to time. Her bylines include Film School Rejects, The Playlist, Girls on Tops, Polygon, Vague Visages, Zimbio, POPSUGAR and plenty more. Julia loves a good bop and a frightening spook. Her cat is her favorite film critic.

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