Cinemaholics Podcast #137 – Joker

A couple jokers reviewing Joker? What could go right? Jon and Will discuss the controversial new film starring Joaquin Phoenix from director Todd Phillips of The Hangover series and other 2000s comedies your dad probably loves. They also dive into some discussion around In the Shadow of the Moon, The Kill Team, The Politician, and more. But the real killing joke is that theme music, which is “Smile” by Jimmy Durante.

Show Notes:

  • 00:03:50 – Some early reactions to Lucy in the Sky and Dolemite is My Name
  • 00:10:22 – Will reviews In the Shadow of the Moon and catches up on One Cut of the Dead
  • 00:17:38 – Jon reviews The Kill Team and The Politician
  • 00:34:35 – Review: Joker

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  1. This was a great discussion. Kudos, guys. Can’t say I’m excited for Gemini Man or Addams Family to be honest.

    1. I’m interested in GEMINI MAN simply out of pure curiosity over the 120 frames gimmick. I hope Jon/Will cover that whole thing next week.

  2. Hey, a review of the JOKER that doesn’t spend 30 minutes fixated on the *discourse* around it! thank you Will and Jon for actually talking about the movie.

    1. Noticed this too. The discourse has been exhausting. I found Joker to be just a blip of a movie with some interesting stuff, but nothing all that special to grab onto. If Phoenix gets an Oscar for this, I won’t mind though. It’s an incredible performance and he deserved the gold a long time ago.

  3. The music from the trailer…holy god. Just incredible, which makes me so bummed to find the film to be nowhere near as great as I hoped. Still good, but not the masterpiece I personally wanted.

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