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Cinemaholics Podcast #169 – The Lovebirds, The Vast of Night, The Painter and the Thief, To the Stars

The Lovebirds just hit Netflix, so Jon and Will are hitting the mic to talk about it. Does this new action rom-com starring Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani, which was originally planned for a theatrical release, scratch our itch for a studio comedy hitting the early ebbs of summer? Also, stay tuned for some extra reviews this week, including The Vast of Night, an indie sci-fi movie that just hit Amazon Prime Video and drive-in theaters. Jon gets a chance to express his love for The Painter and the Thief, a recent Sundance documentary that’s now available via VOD. And the Cinemaholics finish the episode with a more topical discussion about black and white films, tied in with a review of To the Stars, another VOD release.

This week’s theme music: “Just Wanna Chill” by Dominant.

Show Notes:

  • 00:00:00 – The Jon & Will Cut
  • 00:04:05 – Off-Topics
  • 00:08:25 – The Lovebirds
  • 00:24:45 – The Vast of Night
  • 00:29:55 – The Painter and the Thief
  • 00:40:25 – To the Stars

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  1. I checked out THE PAINTER AND THE THIEF off your recommendation and it doesn’t disappoint! I haven’t seen as many films as you guys in 2020 so far, but it’s probably my favorite of the year right now.

  2. Lovebird was all right. I have to agree with Will though that is such a netflix movie, I’m kinda surprised they originally planned for it to be theatrical. but I guess they were hoping this would be another Big Sick.

  3. I watched To the Stars in color and it was extremely flat like Jon said. The B&W version is much better for sure, but I really wish I could have seen it on a big screen. Also, you guys didn’t mention Roma for your B&W films of recent.

    1. Yeah, that one slipped my mind until after we finished recording. Definitely a huge overlook on our part. I also remembered a few others like The Artist, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, Ida, Frances Ha, and Frankenweenie, among others.

      1. Yeah there’s weirdly been a lot recently. Funny how some movies are so banal with the format (Artist) while others couldn’t be quite as good without it (Ed Wood).

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