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Nope – Jordan Peele’s Don’t Look Up

This week on the Cinemaholics Podcast, special guest Adonis Gonzalez joins us to review 'Nope,' the third film by Jordan Peele.

Hold your horses. Special Guest Adonis Gonzalez rides into the show on the internet equivalent of horseback this week to talk with us about Nope, a new sci-fi horror film directed and written by Jordan Peele. Is it as good as Get Out and Us? We’ll have to discuss. Don’t worry, we open the show with a spoiler-free conversation about the film, then we play the Rotten Tomatoes Game and finish things out with a special spoiler section.

Intro Music: “Truly Another Classic (feat. Yasper)” by Glimlip, Søren Søstrom & Soul Food Horns

Synopsis for Nope

WHAT’S A BAD MIRACLE? Residents in a lonely gulch of inland California bear witness to an uncanny, chilling discovery. [Source: Letterboxd]

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