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Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters this weekend, so we decided to revisit each and every Star Wars movie, including the strange, misfit TV movies history has tried to erase. We didn’t want to force (no pun intended) every single installment into one episode, so for part 1 of our discussion we review everything from the very first movie up through the prequel trilogy. Our discussion has plenty of surprises and hot takes (mostly from Jason), and we hope you enjoy listening!

Hosted by Sam Noland, Jason Read, and Anthony Battaglia!


  • 0:01:54 – Introduction to Star Wars
  • 0:07:59 – Star Wars
  • 0:20:03 – The Star Wars Holiday Special
  • 0:23:50 – The Empire Strikes Back
  • 0:31:08 – Return of the Jedi
  • 0:39:23 – The Ewok Adventure and The Battle for Endor
  • 0:49:06 – The Phantom Menace and prequel trilogy discussion
  • 1:10:35 – Attack of the Clones
  • 1:21:18 – Revenge of the Sith
  • 1:32:12 – Final Thoughts and Conclusion

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