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Cinemaholics Podcast #113 – Summer Movie Preview 2019

Special guests Sam Noland and Julia Teti join us for a Summer Movie Preview that includes the entire writing staff at Cinemaholics for the first time! We talk about all the biggest sparks, spooks, and bops we’re looking forward to the most this summer. Plus we each pick a few “dark horse” films we think might be better than they look, then cover all of our honorable mentions for the upcoming blockbuster season.

Show Notes:

  • 00:21:16 – Our most anticipated summer films
  • 01:05:31 – Our “Dark Horse” picks
  • 01:17:52 – Honorable mentions
  • 01:32:02 – Summer movies we didn’t mention

Links and Important stuff: 

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  1. IS THAT MIDSOMMAR I SEE! I’m a big fan of the scary movies, especially the ones we tell in the dark.

  2. I really dug this format! you all should do the future previews with the writing staff, it definitely flows. Probably because you’ve got all the Harry Potter houses covered XD

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