under the silver lake

Cinemaholics Podcast – Under the Silver Lake

Special guest Cory Woodroof joins Will for a long conversation about Under the Silver Lake, the latest film from writer/director David Robert Mitchell (It Follows), which stars Andrew Garfield and Riley Keough. Despite a lot of buzz surrounding this neo-noir thriller after premiering last year at Cannes Film Festival, A24 has only recently unleashed the mystery upon us hopeful cinemaholics. Is that for good reason? Dive in and find out!

Theme music: “A Junction” by Disasterpeace from the Under the Silver Lake soundtrack.

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  1. I’m trying so hard to justify spending $5 on renting this one. The fact you did a whole bonus episode is about to push me over the edge…

    1. I can’t guarantee that you’ll like it, but I can guarantee that it’ll get you talking.

  2. Loved this discussion. Cory is practically a full-time Cinemaholic at this point. As someone also named Cory, I’m cool with it.

  3. Yeesh, guys, it took you 25 minutes to get into talking about the actual movie. I liked the discussion overall, but that was a long ass buildup.

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