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Pictured above: James from “Brigsby Bear,” the prototypical Cinemaholic (we think)

In the early, chilly months of 2017, podcaster Jon Negroni approached film critic Will Ashton about starting a new weekly podcast centered around discussing the latest films. But with a twist.

There are a lot of shows out there where a group of (usually like-minded) people review a film in-depth and share their insights. Many of these shows feature film critics, while others can be a bit more approachable and casual. But in recent years, that divide between “critic” and “fan” has only grown sharper and more toxic throughout film communities.

Who cares what critics think? Who cares what fans think?

Jon and Will set out to start a show that’s more inclusive of film lovers across the spectrum. A show where casual moviegoers get their say, but so do the film critics. And maybe movie fanatics in between. Even though we don’t always agree on everything we talk about, we can reach common ground on being fellow Cinemaholics: people who are passionate about film and willing to talk about what these stories mean to them.

New episodes of Cinemaholics air every week, along with an occasional bonus episode or two whenever we have something extra to add. We highly encourage listener engagement, so if you want to review a film we’re talking about, send us your thoughts anytime either on this website or via email: You can also message us on Twitter (@_Cinemaholics) if you have questions or just want to chat.

Last, we’re always striving to improve the show, and we take listener feedback very seriously. If you go through the archives on this site, you’ll notice our format and structure and even our audio has changed quite a bit over the years. That’s the result of adapting the show to what the listeners request along the way. We don’t intend to stop growing anytime soon, so please make your voice heard if you have a problem with what you just heard.

For those of you who are listening for the first time or have been with us for a long time, thanks for tuning in and inviting Jon, Will, and the rest of the Cinemaholics community into your life of film. It’s exciting knowing we have such a knowledgeable, positive audience out there listening.

Enjoy the show!

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