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Worst 5 Remakes of All Time

Welcome to Episdoe #2 of our new spinoff show, Anyway, That’s All I Got! After diving into the best remakes of all time last week, host Sam Noland joins both Anthony Battaglia and Jason Read to cover the very worst. Enjoy the show!

Anthony’s picks

5. Beauty and the Beast 

4. Ghostbusters 

3. Death at a Funeral 

2. The Manchurian Candidate 

1. Halloween

Jason’s picks 

5. Halloween 

4. Rollerball 

3. Wish Upon 

2. One Missed Call 

1. Knock Knock

Sam’s picks

5. Sorcerer 

4. King Kong 

3. Planet of the Apes 

2. Get Carter 

1. Godzilla

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