Game Over, Man! – Episode 3: Predator

We’ve met the Aliens, but the time has come at last to face the Predators. This week on Game Over, Man!, Sam and Adonis are taking their first departure from the Alien series to take a look back at John McTiernan’s sophomore feature Predator! If that weren’t enough, one of the hosts isn’t a fan of the movie, making this our first major disagreement! Tune in to the Cinemaholics Patreon to hear how James Cameron serendipitously influenced the design of the Predator, why the hosts are of two different minds, who they actually think would win if a Predator and a Xenomorph were to face off, and more!

Hosted by: Sam Noland and Adonis Gonzalez

Music from Predator composed by Alan Silvestri

Next time on Game Over, Man!, we’re meeting Danny Glover in the big city with Predator 2!

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